Prayer and Prophetic Ministry

The Redemptive Life Palm Beach Prayer and Prophetic Ministry provides strong intercessory prayer and prophetic direction to assist individuals in building and sustaining their connection with God.

Locally and Globally

Collaborating with prayer and prophetic teams locally and worldwide, individuals are taught taught to express prayers, declarations, and affirmations, addressing the desires of God
and the needs of people everywhere.

24 Hour Prayer

The 24-hour prayer watch is a key feature, connecting participants through conference calls day and night.


Led by Pastor Brenda Ray, the prophetic ministry classes offer guidance in disciplines related to spiritual growth. The curriculum fosters maturity, accuracy, and integrity in personal and spiritual development.

“We must be as the Children of Issachar, discerning of our times and seasons, knowing and praying the will of God for the nations!” – Pastor Brenda J. Ray